Dental Perfect MR-Auto-Motor Cord Endomotor with Apex Locator

Manufacturer: Dental Perfect

Warranty: 12 Months

Delivery Time:

  • Within 2-3 working days inside Kathmandu valley
  • Within 3-5 working days outside Kathmandu valley

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Descriptions and Features


Low power consumption; Standby consumption is only 0.05W, normal OLED is workable with 0.25W~0.42W.

Longer standby for 140h and Continuous use for at least 70h.

Multi-frequency detection technology. Accurately measure the root canal length.
(independently developed multi-frequency without frequency division, ensuring the
measurement results of each device are precise.

Self-developed DC drive, more stable of motor speed (300 rpm no-load operation ‘power consumption is only0.16w. compare to traditional PWM drive mode, 300rpm consumption is generally above o.8w).

Stepped pen segment display, the closer to apex, the more accurate data display.

FSTN LCD super clear display.

Lightweight handle (only 100g).

10 adjustable modes. Cw cCW REC. ATC, measurement.
150-600rpm Speed, Torque.

lndividual PO Apex Location.

Reciprocating rotation
angle F170°R50°, F30°R150°,F50°R170°.

P1~P9 real time display the movement of root canal files. (the root canal lengthis preseted. Preset range is 0-1.0. Automatically reverses when the file 1500mAh Large capacity battery. reaches the setting value).

Standard Component

Component List

1.Main unit          2.Handheld micro-motor          3. 1:1 Motor headpiece

  1. Adapter           5.Measuring wire,File holder, Contrary Electrode          6. Silicone holder

LCD interface

1.Battery capacity          2.Mode select          3.Preset speed (rpm)          4.Preset torque (

5.Preset depth of root canal working part toapical foramen (mm)

6.Continuous rotation / reciprocating rotation

7.Autotwist/””Autostop”          8.volume          9.Distance from apical foramen depth

Main unit key function

1Key function introduction

1.Select the menu key             2.Confirmation key                    3.Device power on/off key

4.Parameter adjustment          5.Motor start and stop key

2Parameter preset range

  1. a) Preset speed (rpm): 150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950

b)Preset torque:
c) Preset depth of root canal needle to apical
foramen: 0.0mm-1.0mm

Key Specifications


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