Dental Perfect MTF Pro-Taper Hand File

Manufacturer: Dental Perfect

Unit: 6 Pcs/ Box or Blister

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Descriptions and Features

1) Cross – section

Triangular Cross-Section

Convex : V0, V1, V2, T1, T2

Concave : T3

2) High Flexibility

Triangular concave cross-section: Flexibility

3) Tip

Modified Non cutting tip – Prevent Transportation

Acts as a Guide

4) Rust Free

Corrosion Resistant

5) Disinfection



Dental Perfect Protaper Hand Files are quality files which feature a better nickel titanium construction than ProTaper Universal Rotary Files – plus ISO-colored handlesTheir variable taper and advanced flute design offer efficiency to achieve consistent shaping, even under calcified canals.



  • Easy

– Only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape
– Colour-coded and easy to follow protocol
– Drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for Protaper® files, with

the same colour-codes for instant identification

  • Fast

– Only 3 instruments needed for most cases
– High cutting power

  • Efficient

– Apical taper for good canal cleaning
– Fantastic debris removal due to the unique ‘Multiple Taper’ design of these



Key Specifications

  • Shaping Files

Variable Increasing Taper (Eiffel Tower shape)

V1 – 18

V2 – 20

V0 – 19

  • Finishing Files

T0, T1, T2 Shape the Apical part of the canal

Variable Decreasing Taper

T0 20-7%

T1 25-8%

T2 30-9%


Direction to Use

Treatment Sequence


  • Stainless steel K-File 010
  • Stainless steelC+ File08,10,15
  • ProFinder Files 10,13,17
  • Pathfiles

The lubricating action of Glyde helps the instruments to slide in the canal and Establish working length

Don’t use V0 deep in the canal
If needed, use V0 with a brushing motion to relocate the orifice of the canal and create a straight line access (don’t use V0 deep in the canal)

Use V1 with a brushing motion
and enlarge the canal, no deeper than the level of the penetration of the scouting file (to make sure that the tip of V1 is never blocked) Using Pathfile, go to working length that you established earlier

After going to length with a stainless steel file size 15, use :
V1 to working length with a brushing motion.Using Pathfile this step is skipped

When V1 reaches working length, use:
V1 to working length with a brushing motion

When V2 reaches working length, use :
T0 to working length. CAUTION !NEVER USE A BRUSHING ACTION WITH THE FINISHING FILES !!!When a finishing file reaches the working length, It is immediately withdrawn.

Gauge the diameter of the foramen with stainless steel files and if the foramen is larger than 20, use T1, T2 to working length, according to the real apical diameter.



  • Box/Blister of 6 Pcs (V0,V1,V2,T0,T1,T2)



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Additional information

Select Length

21 mm, 25 mm


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