Dental Perfect TG6 Pro-Taper Hand Files

Manufacturer: Dental Perfect

Unit: 6 Pcs/ Box or Blister

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Descriptions and Features 

Material: NiTi

Sterilization: ≤126°C

Color: Gold

Length (Optional): 21mm/25mm/31mm 

Standard: CE/ISO/FDA/FSC

Operation Sequence

Create straight line access to canal orifice.

  1. In the presence of a viscous chelator (such as ProLube® Root Canal Conditioner) passively scout the coronal 2/3 with 10# and 15# hand files.
  2. Gently work these instruments until a smooth, reproducible glide path is confirmed. 

Alternatively, ET Files may be used after a 10# hand file.

  1. In the presence of NaOCl, “float” the V1 in the canal and passively “follow” the glide path. 
  2. Before light resistance is encountered, laterally “brush” and cut dentin on the outstroke to improve straight-line access and apical progression. 

Always brush away from the furcation.

  1. Continue shaping with V1 as described until the depth of the 15# hand file is reached.
  2. Use the V2, exactly as described for the S1, until the depth of the 15# hand feel is reached.
  3. In the presence of a viscous chelator or NaOCl, scout the apical 1/3 with 10# and 15# hand files and gently work them until they are loose at length.
  4. Establish working length, confirm patency and verify the presence of a smooth reproducible glide path in the apical 1/3.
  5. Use the V1, with a brushing action, until working length is reached.
  6. Use the V2, with a brushing action, until working length is reached.
  7. Reconfirm working length, irrigate, recapitulate and re-irrigate, especially in more curved canals.
  8. Use Finishing File T1, in a “non-brushing” action, with each insertion deeper than the previous insertion until working length is reached.

Do not leave the file at working length for longer than one second.

  1. Gauge the foramen with a 20# hand file. If the instrument is snug at length, the canal is shaped and ready to be obturated.
  2. If the 20 hand file is loose at length, proceed to the T2 and, when necessary the T3, T4 and T5, with the same non-brushing motion to working length, gauging after each Finishing file with 25#, 30#, 40# or 50# hand files respectively.
  3. If necessary, use the V0 with a brushing motion to move the coronal aspect of the canal away from furcal concavities and/or to create more coronal shape.  

V0 can also be used to optimally shape canals in shorter roots.


  • Box/Blister of 6 Pcs 


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21mm, 25mm


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