Dentalfarm Hydrovap Pro Steam Cleaner

Manufacturer: Dentalfarm

Warranty: 1 Year

Delivery Time:

  • Within 20-25 working days inside Kathmandu valley
  • Within 25-30 working days outside Kathmandu valley

Delivery Charges:

  • None inside Kathmandu valley
  • As per courier charges outside Kathmandu valley



•Fully accessorized steam and hot water generator unit providing all requisites as the high powerful fixed jet (a 6 BAR nozzle), the handpiece (gun) delivering either steam only or hydrated (wet/dry) steam, adjustable.
•Stainless steel boiler, perfectly insulated and fitted with external resistance preventing the detrimental action of limescale.
•Direct connection to the mains water supply.
•Refilling is automatically activated as the water level slightly decreases, in such a way small quantities of cold water are frequently poured in, thus preventing the internal temperature from falling down.
Steam can be delivered through a fixed jet operated by foot-control or from a spraying gun, with adjustable flow.
•An additional switch has been conveniently placed on the handpiece which allows to dispense the steam overcharged with water to increase the cleansing efficacy.
•The working pressure à 6 BAR and water temperature of 155°C are the necessary parameters to assure accurate degreasing and deep cleaning of dental prostheses.


•Integrated safety valve, automatic control of the internal level, emergency lock in case of water lack, long duty steam storage.
•Max pressure: 6 BAR
•Water temperature: 155° C
•Real water volume: 2.0 litres
•Boiler capacity: 4.5 litres (2 litres for water, the remaining volume is used for the steam layer)
•Power or the heating resistance: 1500W
•Time necessary to attain the working temperature: 10 minutes approx.
•Overall dimensions: Widht 400mm Depth 470mm Height 410mm


  • 1 Complete Set with Accessories


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