DMP Bonasil A+ Putty (Vinyl Polysiloxane, Regular Set)

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Bonasil A+ Putty is a kneadable very high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) preliminary impression material formulated to guide the flowable Bonasil A+ wash materials highly accurately to the surfaces that are clinically important. It is also available in the 5:1 380ml cartrodge for those who prefer automatic dispensing over manual kneading. 

ISO 4823 / ADA 19, Type 0 – putty consistency 


  • Two step putty/wash technique 
  • One step putty/wash technique 
  • Crown/bridge work 
  • Functional peripheries Inlays, onlays 

Characteristics – Advantages 

  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio 
  • Excellent consistency 
  • Exceptional dimensional stability 
  • Excellent elastic properties (high elastic memory) 
  • Remarkable tear strength 
  • Non sticky

Key Specification

Total working time    1’00” 2’00”
Time in mouth            2’00” 2’30”
Total setting time       3’00” 4’30”
Setting description      Fast  Regular
Shore A hardness          68
Strain in compression (%)       1-3
Recovery from deformation (%) >99.0
Linear dimensional change (%)      <0.2
Tear strength (N/mm)      >6.0
Colour    Orange


  • 1X 400 Gm Base 
  • 1X 400 Gm Catalyst


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