Lascod iQ Green Non-Chromatic Alginate

Manufacturer: Lascod

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  • Within 2-3 working days inside Kathmandu valley
  • Within 3-5 working days outside Kathmandu valley

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  • None inside Kathmandu valley
  • As per courier charges outside Kathmandu valley



  • Dental alginate without a chromatic phase indicator for dental impressions.
  • Available also in the “type 2” version, with a longer working time.


Dental alginate for elastic impression.

  • Class A
  • Easy to mix
  • Thixotropic
  • Fast in mouth, minimum setting time 60”
  • High accuracy: 50 micron
  • Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant
  • Color after setting: green
  • Mint flavour
  • Dust Free
  • 5 years of expiry date


A fast setting chromatic alginate for elastic impressions that can be used for:

  • Study models
  • Preliminary models
  • Removable and fixed prosthesis antagonist
  • Mobile prosthesis
  • Metal frameworks

IQ alginate does not require any specific treatments before use. The long working time allows to mix the product and load the impression tray with extreme calm. The short setting time (60’’) reduces at minimum patient’s discomfort. High elasticity and resistance to tear grant an impression with perfect details definition and the preparation of precise models that enhance the value to the prosthesis.


IQ impressions can be disinfected by submersion in specific solutions without alteration by carefully following their manufacture instructions for use.


IQU302 – iQ green Type 2 – 450 g each


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