Tokmet DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX PRESS

Manufacturer: Tokmet

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery Time:

  • Within 20-25 working days inside Kathmandu valley
  • Within 25-30 working days outside Kathmandu valley

Delivery Charges:

  • None inside Kathmandu valley
  • As per courier charges outside Kathmandu valley



  • It is a fully automated vacuum furnace for drying and baking of ceramics with or without vacuum.
  • This furnace is suitable for all porcelain-fused-to-metal and metal-free materials. 
  • Also, the furnace is possible to be controlled from PC.
  • As stand alone unit furnace can store up to 100 different programs.
  • The furnace can be connected to Personal Computer (PC) where unlimited number of programs can be stored.
  • It is a fully automated vacuum furnace for drying and baking of ceramics with or without vacuum.


•Press speed from 5 to 20 mm/s
•Press force from 5 kg to 35 kg
•Precise temperature control
•Platinum thermocouple
•LCD display
•Automatic temperature calibration after each program start
•Programmable standby temperature
•Programmable drying and cooling
•Temperature speed up to 200°C/min
•Vacuum control by time, temperature and both
•Electronic vacuum level control
•Long life quartz protected heater
•Enameled steel chamber for better vacuum
•Temperature correction for each program from –25 to +25 ° C
•100 freely programs
•Program time up to 10 hours
•Fan cooling system with independent supply
•Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
•Power failure and runaway protection
•Program protection against heater damage, in case of thermal sensor failure
•Suitable for metal free ceram and titanium
•Operation in °C to °F
•Vacuum level in bar, cmhg or inhg
•Continuous step technology
•PC control
•Unlimited number of the admissible starts in 24 hours
•Thread thermal calibration (optional)
•Estimated life-expectancy of the muffle and the heater (quartz) – 10 years,
if the temperature used is up to1000°c



• Power Supply – AC 220V/50,60Hz or 110V/60Hz
• Admissible variation of the supply voltage +10, – 5%
• Maximum Power Consumption (without pump) – 1350W
• Average power consumption in operation–approx. 300 W
• Pump power consumption – max 270 W


• Overall dimensions 635mm/300mm/230mm;
• Weight – approx. 19.5 kg;
• Diameter of the working chamber 92 mm
• Height of the working chamber – 80 mm


• Maximum temperature 1,050°C (1,150°C option );
• Maximum rate of temperature increase 200°C/min ;
• Press Speed 5-20 mm/s
• Press Force 5-35kg
• Controllable Stand By mode (Idle) 100-600°C
• Operation in °C or °F ;
• Electronic vacuum level control
• Operation in Bar, cmHg or InHg;
• Number of programs 100;
• Can be connected to PC

Environmental :

• Storage temperature : 1°C – 50°C;
• Operation temperature : 10°C – 50°C
• Relative humidity: up to 80%
• Altitude up to 2000m
• No need to run night program
• Average life-expectancy of the muffle and the heater (quartz protected) – 10 years


  • 1 Complete Set with Accessories


  • Manufacturer/ Importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.) warranty is applicable if mentioned above for this product.
  • Service and warranty are handled by the manufacturer/ importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.) directly for this product if mentioned above.
  • Manufacturer/ Importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.) will be liable to replace the products within the warranty period.
  • Buyer acknowledges that the products purchased/used are a subject matter of original Manufacturer/ Importer’s warranties. 
  • Any or all claims in relation to returns and replacement shall be made to the Manufacturer/ Importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.).
  • The buyer acknowledges that the products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package of the products is intact or not altered in any manner of is not tampered as the case may be.


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