Wisedent Electric Pulp Tester

Manufacturer: Wisedent

Warranty: 12 Months

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  • Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed)
  • Gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate of high -mid-low speed.
  • Specifically designed for patient comfort (If patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stopped immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the screen for about 3mins
  • Convenient to operate.Peak of stimulus current reaction numerical value.
    •  0-40 , the patient feels mild pain, means the tooth is vital
    •  40-80 , with above mentioned reaction tooth is non vital.
    • >80 , no above mentioned reaction dead tooth nerve.


Wisedent Electric Pulp Tester  is a device to examine the vitality of dental pulp using the electric stimulation.The currrent used to stimulate the intradental nerves therefore creating a response. Studies were accompanied to measure the responses subjects by stimulating over the sensory threshold to determine the vitality of tooth. It works in an efficient way. An Electric current can be applied to the tooth in order to generate an action potential in the type A delta fibres within pulp ; this elicits a response. This test is conducted by applying a medium like toothpaste ,on dried tooth. One end is placed on the tooth surface near the pulp horn and the other end is placed on the lip.   

Key Specification

  • Battery Operated
  • Output Voltage: 9.0V DC
  • Output Current: 9.0 mA


  • Should not be dismantled.
  • Standard disinfection procedure should be used for disinfection,should be stored in a proper way in the original packaging box
  • Please use the original charger, any other charger may result in the damage of the battery and the controlled electric circuit: even the machine will be greatly damaged.
  • The unit should be scrubbed by pure water or ethanol and follow the standard disinfection procedure to disinfect the materials.
  • The pulp tester should be placed in the original packaging box in a dry and clean cupboard.
  • Do not open the Power Unit, except to change the battery. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.Internal repairs are to be made only by authorized Parkell personnel, by returning the unit to the service address at the end of these instructions 
  • Handle the power unit with care
  • Battery should be removed if unit is to be stored unused for more than 30 days
  • To prolong battery life, the device automatically turns off after 14 seconds of inactivity
  • When the battery capacity is low, the Left and Right digital display digits will flash alternatively while the unit is activated. Replace the battery as explained in the section “Changing the Battery”
  • If a Tooth Probe becomes loose in the mount of the Power Unit, it may be tightened by carefully inserting a flat screwdriver blade into the split metal base of the probe and gently expanding the sides apart with a twist of the tool.
  • Discard and replace any Tooth Probe if the metal or the insulation becomes damaged during use

Direction To Use

  1. Make the test wire link with the cable socket of the unit, afterwards insert the stainless steel hook and the test electrode into the interface of the unit.
  2. Strictly separate the tooth which will be measured from the saliva , blow the surface of the tooth until it is dry, so as to forbid the stimulation electric current to conduct from the gingiva or else there will appear a false stimulus current.
  3. Hang the stainless steel hook on any side of the mouth, then select different speed mode.
  4. Paste a spot of conducting glue or toothpaste on the contact interface (1/3 slide side) between test electrode and selected tooth. Then press the power switch.
  5. When the patient slightly feels toothache or anesthesia, You should take the test electrode away from the tooth and observe the figure on the screen in order to record it , this figure is the tooth’s stimulation current reaction number.


  • 2 x Test Electrode
  • 1 x Cable Socket
  • 1 x Light Indicator
  • 1 x Batter


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  • Service and warranty are handled by the manufacturer/ importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.) directly for this product if mentioned above.
  • Manufacturer/ Importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.) will be liable to replace the products within the warranty period.
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  • Any or all claims in relation to returns and replacement shall be made to the Manufacturer/ Importer (NDI Pvt. Ltd.).
  • The buyer acknowledges that the products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package of the products is intact or not altered in any manner of is not tampered as the case may be.


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