Dental Perfect File Holders

Manufacturer: Dental Perfect

Delivery Time:

  • Within 2-3 working days inside Kathmandu valley
  • Within 3-5 working days outside Kathmandu valley

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  • None inside Kathmandu valley
  • As per courier charges outside Kathmandu valley



Basic information

Material: Resin

Color: White

Length: 112x55x68mm

Package: 1 pc per box

Sterilization: ≤134°C

Standard: CE/ISO/FDA/FSC


  • Use of porous bits

18 holes are available for placement, can accommodate more than 3 sets of system files

  • 12 digits

Get rid of the notebook counting, each hole has 12 counting positions, and you can specify the counting by turning the knob.

  • 3-color hole zone

The holes are divided into three colors: green, yellow and purple, which represent different use risks.

There are 12 green knobs on the top and bottom which are low risk and can be used for anterior or posterior straight root canal files.

The 3 yellow knobs in the middle left are the high-risk areas, which can be used for anterior or posterior curved root canal files. Files that have been used 12 times are recommended to be placed in this area to enter the next counting cycle.

The three purple knobs on the right in the middle are high-risk areas, which can be used for root canal files for posterior teeth bending. It is recommended to use no more than 6 times.

Note: For the preparation of a root canal file for a severely curved root canal or a complex root canal, it is recommended to use it once.

  • Can withstand high temperature

The sterilization box can be sterilized under the temperature 135 ℃.

  • Transparent visualization

The lid is made of transparent material, clear to see the files inside. It’s convenient and simple.

  • The box is small and beautiful

The entire box is small and easy to store. (112x55x68mm)


  • 1 Pc File Holder


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