Dental Perfect Probend

Manufacturer: Dental Perfect

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Basic information

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Black

Length: 111x18x18mm

Package: 1 pc per box

Sterilization: ≤134°C

Standard: CE/ISO/FDA/FSC


Practical l Solid

The PERFECT probend file bending device is for precision bending of a file to conform to the curvature of the canal without damaging the cutting flutes of the file.

• Prebend a file is always suggested in order to follow better anatomy, without accidentally creating ledges.

• Worth emphasizing is the technique is also useful during retreatments in order to bypass impediments like ledges and broken files

• Pre-bending a heat treated rotary file for managing manually hard anatomies or ledges is considered







① Vertical stripes are placed on both sides to increase the friction, the operation process is more controllable, and the pre-bending result is closer to expect.

② All calibration of the instrument are laser, accurate, fadeless and clear.

③ High quality steel material, prevent damage to the file body. lt comes with extra two pairs of rollers, easy replacement.




Pre-bending enables easy access to the curved root canal. Whether if is a machine file with pre-bending performance or a stainless steel hand file, clamp the length determined by the file needle between the two rollers, press both sides of the PERFECT probend device until the file needle is clamped tightly, and pre-bending can be achieved in both large and small smooth curves.

Length measurement can make root canal preparation more accurate and safe, and avoid excessive root tip preparation. When using, put the silicone pad and file in the slot, adjust the handle to the appropriate length.


  • 1 Pc Probend


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